This is a first draft of a portrait for some awesome people who have each blessed my life. For this image, I was looking for a edgy, hard light rendering. Did I succeed? You decide.

Dissect this for me, what do you see? How was it made? When you think you know what happened here, read on.

This is a simple lighting technique, but the construction of the final image was a little complicated. I composited eight images to create the final image. These included:

  1. An exposure to capture the sky and blue light on the old building.
  2. An exposure to capture the foreground.
  3. One exposure to capture each band member. Each of these exposures were lit with a single speed light in a shoot through umbrella which was held on a boom just in front of and just above each subject. Tierney Miller and Zack Green functioned as VAL 1 and VAL 2. VAL, voice activated light stand. They hand held a second speedlight with a blue gel to produce the blue edge light. They did a great job. Thanks guys, you were awesome.