Richard served his country in Vietnam. He doesn’t talk about what he saw and did. Whatever it was, there was a cost. When he returned home, at the airport, he was surprised when someone spit in his face. He never guessed that such a thing would be done by his own sister. The high cost of war continues after the guns are silenced.

Richard still serves his country today. When a veteran is buried, Richard is there to make certain that the sacrifices, great or small, will not be forgotten.

With much gratitude my friend, with much…

This image was shot in the Pocatello cemetery. This was a two speedlight setup. One was for Richard and the other was jelled blue for the old artillery piece.

This image was taken just after dusk so the cemetery in the background was dark but still easily visible. I set my camera to 250th of a second which is the sync speed and the fasted shutter speed I can use with my speedlights. I also set my iso as low as possible, in this case at 100. I made several test shots, slowly closing the aperture until the cemetery in the background was rendered in total blackness.

Then, I turned up the speed light powers separately until I had good light on Richard and the background artillery piece. I had to set the power for my main light quite high to overcome the affects of the low iso and and small aperture.

I felt good about the finished work and hope it offers Richard the honor and respect he deserves.