This is an image of an old homestead near my home. I wanted to preserve it while it still stands. It is leaning so severely that it will soon be lost forever. When it goes, one more important bit of our heritage will pass into history forever.

I apologize in advance. I did not record my camera settings.

This image was created by combining multiple images into the finished work. Each image layer was shot separately with a long exposure. While the shutter was open, I used a flash light to literally paint illumination into the scene. The many exposures include:

  1. Multiple exposures to capture the brush that has grown up in front of and around the old home.
  2. Multiple exposures were required to capture the old windmill tower.
  3. The exterior of the home was photographed several times. The front, side, peak and roof were each captured with individual exposures.
  4. The interior of the home also required multiple exposures. Each window seal and door jamb were captured with individual exposures. For these, I painted with a double CTO (color temperature orange) jell over the lens to produce the amber light on these areas.
  5. The final exposure captured the enteriot of the loft. Using the same amber light, I painted walls and portions of the structure.

The exposures were brought into the Gimp as individual layers. Using layer masks, I adjusted the opacity of portions of each layer so that the best contributions from each layer would be revealed and so that those parts of each layer that did not contribute to the final image would be rendered invisible.

Finally, I replaced the not so great sky that was provided with a Milky Way image I created in a different occasion.

The final image is presented here in color and black and white.


Houtz Canyon Homestead
Houtz Canyon Homestead


Houtz Canyon Homestead
Houtz Canyon Homestead