Light is everything. It can be brutally harsh or as gentle as a summers morning. It tells a story with emotion that covers the spectrum of love to hate, war and peach and joy or sorrow. Light is the color and texture that a photographer uses to create his works. Where light is effectively used, emotion is projected as passionately as in any medium. God is the ultimate artist. When he paints the world in glorious light, we stand in awe. However, it seems that he does for the most part bathe the world in light that is far too harsh or far to soft. I think he uses these extremes so that we, his children, can appreciate awe and wonder when we see it. When God presents such wonders, capture them as best you are able and give the credit and glory to him. The rest of the time, the balance of the time, God has given you the intellect to create and modify light in an effort to at least approach the wonder of his matchless beauty.

My current offerings include:

  1. Off camera lighting, where we use inexpensive speedlights to do the work of expensive studio strobes.
  2. Painting with light, where we use flash lights and colored jells as a paint brush. With these brushes, we selectively illuminate portions of a scene in a night time photograph. The result is often amazing.